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Bundled Up In NYC

If you follow me on Instagram, you have often seen me joke about the fact that I am not a winter person. Like not even close. So you can imagine my dismay when my son and I learned that one of the worst winter storms in decades, the so called “bomb cyclone,” was set to hit NYC the day we were to arrive there. Of course my biggest concern? Wardrobe (did you think I was going to say something mature like “safety’?) Read More »


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Femme Forever

Three of my wardrobe basics are jeans, statement tees, and moto jackets because they are such versatile pieces. You can dress the look up or down depending on the accessories (in particular, the shoes) that you wear them with. This combination is my current favorite. Read More »


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Athleisure as Streetfashion

If you work out as often as I do, you will understand what I mean when I say that normal clothes (i.e. those that do not contain a generous amount of spandex and/or breathable fibers) are so uncomfortable! I appreciate great activewear pieces that translate well from the gym to the street, which is why I love the Michi brand so much. Read More »


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Shine Bright Like a (Pink) Diamond

Street style, especially NY street style, is such a great source of inspiration! Take this look, for example. I was in SoHo the other day when I saw this incredibly chic (European, I assumed) woman wearing an oversized silver jacket. I never thought that I would find anything like it in the US, until I came across this very similar style at Nordstrom. Read More »


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Red-bel Rebel

This (above) is what I would look like if someone were to call me a “preppy.”  For the record, I never was – I was already wearing mostly black in the 80s when being a preppy was actually a thing.  That said, I do love a great classic piece, like this cute blazer that I picked up on sale last winter at JCrew. Read More »


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Denim I Tell ‘Ya?

If there is one thing I’ve learned on my frequent travels to New York City is that you have to be prepared for any eventuality. Cold weather, longer than expected walks, going from casual to formal situations without time for a major wardrobe change, etc. But isn’t that just like life? You’ve gotta’ be able to roll with the punches. Read More »

SoHo’s it goin’?

There is nothing I like better than an oversized sweater. I loved this one when I saw it on my favorite’s (Isabel Marant) runway, so I was really happy to find my size on sale. I have worn it with these black leather leggings on really cold days, but it works really well with a cropped jean on warmer days. I added a pop of red and a black and white bag to tie the look together. I was so lucky that the weather complied with my choice for this shoot! Read More »