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Fitness ADD-ict

I like that old saying, “At twenty you have the body you were born with; at forty (+) you have the body you deserve.” The truth is, though, staying committed to fitness goals can be hard, especially when you have a busy family life. My solution? No excuses, and mix it up. Read More Β»


Just call me the Emily “Postal” (v.) of gym manners, because that’s pretty much what dealing with certain individuals’ lack of them does to me.Β I mean, who are these people who seem to think that common rules of courtesy and/or personal hygiene don’t apply to them before, during, and after their workouts?Β  Read More Β»

Soup Γ  la Paresseuse

There’s nothing better than a warm bowl of home-made chicken noodle soup to chase away the winter chill. Β The thing is that I’m a bit paresseuseΒ (a chic way of saying “lazy”) when it comes to cooking. Read More Β»