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Parlez-vous Politeness?

Can we talk about manners for a minute? The French call it “politesse” – politeness – and they will judge you based on how well you know the rules. If you fail a test that can be as simple as how you greet strangers, you will be very quickly dismissed as “mal élevé” (rude), “vulgaire” (vulgar), “radin” (cheap), or the biggest dis of all: “plouc” (which means you’re basically a hillbilly).  Read More »

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to other bloggers in an effort to bring attention to their work, and to help them attract new readers. Many thanks to Janette of Stylish Theory for my nomination. Check out our Q & A to get to know a little more about me.

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Just call me the Emily “Postal” (v.) of gym manners, because that’s pretty much what dealing with certain individuals’ lack of them does to me. I mean, who are these people who seem to think that common rules of courtesy and/or personal hygiene don’t apply to them before, during, and after their workouts?  Read More »

Meet Kelly Collis

You really Can’t Beat Kelly. She’s smart, sassy, and has an uncanny knack for trivia, as anyone who listens to her co-hosting The Tommy Show (on which “Can’t Beat Kelly” is an actual thing) will tell you. She is the founder of CityShopGirl, one of the DC area’s most acclaimed lifestyle blogs, and has consistently been named a “top influencer” by local and national news media.

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Oh l’Amour

I love my husband to the moon and back.  But here’s the thing: I disagree with the way that he hangs the toilet paper so that the end is facing the wall, and whenever I ask him to pass me something, he absentmindedly leaves it juuust out of arm’s reach. Read More »

Meet Mary Louise Kelly

Mary Louise Kelly knows a little something about secrets.  She launched NPR’s intelligence beat in 2004, and is now their current national security correspondent and the guest host of NPR News from time to time.  She reports on the CIA, other spy agencies, and terrorism, among other things, and has written a couple of novels (Anonymous Sources and The Bullet), where well-heeled heroines (by that I mean that they wear my kind of shoes) are forced to unravel tangled webs of lies and deception at great personal peril. But I admire my friend Mary Louise because she seems to have figured out the biggest secret of all, which is how to balance a brilliant career with a full and rich personal life.
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