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Your Soles Matter

The Do’s and Dont’s of Choosing Shoes.  I am going to add a provision in my will stipulating, among other things, the outfit that I am to be buried in.  I will be very specific about the shoes I am to wear because let’s face it, my arrival at the pearly gates is not the time for a faux pas, or rather, a pas taken in poorly chosen footwear. Read More »

Parlez-vous Politeness?

Can we talk about manners for a minute? The French call it “politesse” – politeness – and they will judge you based on how well you know the rules. If you fail a test that can be as simple as how you greet strangers, you will be very quickly dismissed as “mal élevé” (rude), “vulgaire” (vulgar), “radin” (cheap), or the biggest dis of all: “plouc” (which means you’re basically a hillbilly).  Read More »


Just call me the Emily “Postal” (v.) of gym manners, because that’s pretty much what dealing with certain individuals’ lack of them does to me. I mean, who are these people who seem to think that common rules of courtesy and/or personal hygiene don’t apply to them before, during, and after their workouts?  Read More »

Oh l’Amour

I love my husband to the moon and back.  But here’s the thing: I disagree with the way that he hangs the toilet paper so that the end is facing the wall, and whenever I ask him to pass me something, he absentmindedly leaves it juuust out of arm’s reach. Read More »

Cookie Monster

Let the dude bake.  My younger son’s personality is both endearing and infuriating. He can be charming and sensitive, but more often is outspoken, gregarious and oppositional, which is why his older brother frequently (but affectionately, right?) refers to him as “the monster.” Read More »

Love in the Dark

The Trouble With Unconditional Love.  I love Adele’s music because it is a beautiful, melodious reminder of the fact that relationships are complicated.  I learned that lesson early in life from my mother, pictured above.  The other reason I love Adele is that she looks like her. Read More »