The Marcel Sweater

I have been trying to simplify my wardrobe lately, buying only key pieces that I can style in various ways. This Marcel Sweater from the cult favorite French brand Sézane is the perfect example of a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down, depending on my mood. To illustrate my point, I styled the same sweater in three totally different ways. For this all-black, rocker chick look, I played up a sexy, edgy vibe with this leather mini from the same designer. I love the distinctive button details on the sleeves. I unbuttoned the top button to create an off the shoulder look that is relaxed, but edgy.
This baker boy hat from UK designer River Island and black booties were the perfect accessories.I do love a good pencil skirt, and this sweater is the perfect compliment to the (sexy) rigidity of that particular silhouette.
The relaxed fit adds just the right touch of feminine softness, don’t you agree?I opted for a few feminine accessories, like the gold hoop earrings and this necklace, which is my current favorite. Oh, and of course, super sexy cage booties and these fishnet stockings with a seam up the back. Because boss and sexy are synonyms, right?This last look is as close as I will ever come to preppy dressing. I wore the sweater with a pair of statement corduroy jeans with a retro houndstooth pattern, and low heeled babies.
I had plenty of shoe options to go with this outfit. but I felt like these gave the look a demure yet sexy vibe. The fact that the hems of these pants are the perfect length to show off that ankle strap is a big plus.
I love the boyish cut of this coat, also from Sézane, especially when paired with ultra feminine outfit details. This simple burgundy shoulder bag adds just the right pop of color to an otherwise black and white palette.

I hope this post gave you some styling ideas! xx

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