Skirting the Issue

I’ve been watching some of my favorite bloggers do this layering thing with mesh skirts and jeans, and while I don’t usually follow trends, I found this one really appealing (could it be all those years of dancing in an actual tutu?) so I decided to give it a spin. Or should I say, “pirouette”?

I came across this cute, very tutu like pink mesh skirt on the sale rack at H&M for only $7. I couldn’t resist (although the tag identifying it as part of the “Coachella Collection” gave me pause). My first thought was to style it with a nice white blouse with big sleeves, but I couldn’t find exactly what I had in mind (also, to be honest, I feel like that combo has been done a dozen times already).

I’m a sucker for a black and white striped tee, and this one really caught my eye because of the embroidered details à la Gucci (at a very, very small fraction of the cost) that just so happened to be the same shade of pink as the skirt. The fact that the message, “Aime tous les jours” is in French sealed the deal. Although the grammar is not entirely correct – “Aimez tous les jours” is the command form of the verb “aimer” that the designers were probably going for. But I digress.

I chose a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans to wear underneath the skirt to keep the proportions right. These mules seemed right with the French inspired tee, and the black and white shoulder bag and quirky white sunnies kept the look on  the whimsical, playful side of things.

Do I consider this one of my best looks? Not really. A bit too “on trend” and perhaps even too young for me. But in some ways, this outfit captures the essentials of my personality – up to you to figure them out. xx


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