Where to Eat Like a French Girl in DC

So you want to celebrate Bastille Day, because the Forth of July wasn’t enough, maybe? I get it. Excusez-moi, but rosé and oysters are definitely more appealing than beer and hotdogs. Any excuse to indulge in the former is acceptable, n’est ce pas? I’ve come up with a short list of the places that I go to get my French girl food fix, on Bastille Day or any day for that matter.

At the top of my list, of course, is Le Diplomate. I love not only the food and wine but the energy and decor at what has become one of the country’s most successful restaurants. They always go all out on Bastille Day, which makes celebrating even more fun. They even have a mime that walks around randomly interacting with guests (not appealing to everyone, but still). One of my favorite French dishes, Salade Niçoise (basically a salad with tuna, tomatoes, eggs, potatoes and anchovies – the last two of which I remove) has now made it to their dinner menu, so I usually order that. The fries are irresistible – somehow an order often “magically” appears at our table. I also recommend the sparkling rosé to start – it’s so light and fresh!

Another favorite of ours is Kinship. While Le Dip is definitely a casual spot (often too casual if you ask me – like “You’re wearing your cycling shorts to brunch? Really?”), the vibe at Kinship is informal but upscale. The menu combines traditional French cuisine with innovative international twists (see my full review here). One of the my favorite dishes on the menu (it changes seasonally) is the “Maine Lobster French Toast,” and the “Kinship Roasted Chicken” (for the table) is the best roasted chicken I have ever had. In the United States, at least.

I have been the biggest fan of Ladurée (all of the photos in this post were taken at the SoHo, New York location) since my Paris days, and I am so happy that they are now open in Georgetown. The brunch there is delicious (the most chic avocado toast I ever did eat) and of course, all of the desserts and their tea (the Ispahan cake and Marie Antoinette tea are my favorites) are totally worth the splurge (in calories, I mean). They close at 7 pm, though, so definitely more of a daytime venue.

The same goes for Boulangerie Christophe, a lovely café in Georgetown with indoor seating in a gorgeously decorated upstairs dining room, or outside in a lovely courtyard complete with a wall mural depicting a Saint Tropez street scene. The attention to the decor details is astounding – I really felt like I was back in the South of France as soon as I walked in. I have yet to go there for a full meal but it is high on my list of places to go back to for lunch or brunch.

And finally, a spot that is high on our go to list is Mirabelle. I’ve heard great things about it and it looks stunning based on the pictures I have seen of it. It definitely appears to be more of a place to go for a special occasion or a business meal, though. Ironically, the two menu items that I have heard friends rave about are kind of like the most basic French and American dishes – a jambon beurre  (baguette with ham sandwich) and the Belle Burger. I see that they have a hybrid of my beloved Salade Niçoise as well – because I’m more of a basic salad girl.

Oh, and to dress like a Parisian for your French meal, opt for wearing the national color of France (black) with some great accessories.

Bon app, mes amis! xx

Photos: Caitee Smith Photography
Merci beaucoup to TAA PR for arranging and La Durée US for allowing us to shoot in this beautiful setting.



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